White light band

Security good: solid-state light source, no air, no glass envelope long life:

Street lamp

Die-casting aluminum electrostatic spraying treatment; High purity

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1. The lamps and lanterns of style and classification

Lamps and lanterns from style up points, can be divided into Chinese style lamps and lanterns, European classical lamps and lanterns, European modern lamps and lanterns, Nordic chic modelling of lamps and lanterns, of primitive simplicity of rural lamps and lanterns, etc.; From light up points, can be divided into fluorescent lamp, magnesium light, incandescent lamp,

2. The lamps and lanterns select four principles

Palace type of carve patterns or designs on woodwork hollow-out droplight line is exquisite, delicate carve; Modern modelling, seven, eight successive lotus, size and orderly, petals lifelike... But too complex and multifarious modelling for area is not large bedroom there will be a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, feeling of oppression, too complex lamps and lanterns clean up will also

3. What is to absorb dome light? How to install?

Absorb dome light lamps and lanterns is one kind, just as its name implies because of lamps and lanterns is flat above the bottom when installation stuck completely on the roof so called absorb dome light. Light source have common white lamp, fluorescent lamp, high intensity discharge lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, etc. The most popular on the market at present is led to absorb dome light,

4. Choose and buy energy-saving lamps need to pay attention to

Refers to the light of object reduction characteristic. Good color rendering mean in this light color objects closer to the noon sun color. Should choose three primary water coating phosphors tube can filter out more ultraviolet ray, its long service life, high chromaticity show, than common fluorescent lamp brightness increased by 30%, show chromaticity as high as 80.